About Jenn Harris

Jenn was born in Shreveport, LA and raised in the south. Her father was in the oil business so the family moved around a bit during her childhood years. She lived in Lafayette, LA and attended elementary and Jr high school there. The family moved to Houston, Texas, living there through her junior year in high school, then, ultimately, moved back to Shreveport, LA to complete her senior year. She was the middle child of five and was raised in a family of very talented parents. Her mother was a pianist and her father sang in a barbershop quartet and also played trumpet, guitar, banjo, piano and upright bass.

About the Music

Jenn started singing at an early age and was in the choir at school by 7th grade. She and her siblings all had some degree of musical interest as well, but for Jenn, it was life, plain and simple. In high school, she became very interested in learning guitar so she could accompany herself singing. So, without too much persuasion, her sister Dyan taught her to play guitar and Jenn began writing songs, singing and playing and she hasn’t stopped since.

Her lyrics are honest, sincere and a little sassy. Her vocals are powerful and spot on. She is a natural born story-teller and is really captivating to hear “live”. She performs covers and originals and, if you’re lucky, she’ll tell you a story about the songs she sings. So, if you are anywhere in the general vicinity of where she is performing, it’s worth a “road trip” to join her for a night that you will not soon forget!